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Largs Events organise events which cater for all ages in the best and safest settings possible.


Our inaugural event in 2013 was a Clan Gathering at Broomfields South Prom Largs. This was a very popular event which was not only entertaining it was also very educational as well. As part of the event we had in attendance at Largs Pier HMS BANGOR. Members of the public were allowed to tour the ship and they did so in great numbers. The Captain and some of the crew attended the event at Broomfields and took part in some old fashioned combat, as well as a Tug of War.


In 2013 and 2014 we organised a Family Fun Day on the Saturday and a Highland Games on the Sunday on the first weekend in July. These events also proved to be extremely popular for all ages with activities and attractions for everyone.


For 2015 the committee decided to organise a Family Fun Weekend and despite the weather being very poor it was an enormous success. The live show from the Chainsaw Carver, Drakes of Hazard and the live music from the Wherries, Flung Aboot and Crisis were very popular with the crowds.


These events take a lot of hard work to create, organise and marshal, but are so enjoyable and you get a real sense of community as a result.


It would not be possible to hold these events if it was not for the organisations that provide Grant Funding and the many individuals and businesses which provide sponsorship. Our thanks to them all.


The Largs Events Committee strive to organise the best events we possibly can, both from an entertainment and an educational perspective.  


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